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Anna in the tropics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Anna in the tropics - Essay ExampleThis production response focuses of analyzing the themes, characters, subject evaluation, plot of the play, and recommendation. Story (plot description) capital of Chiles cigar factory is among the famous Ybor city factories of the year 1929 and the factory is experiencing modernization with new technology posing an effect of replacing the current Cuban workers (Cruz 2010, p.5). At the beginning of the play, Santiago involves himself in a bet and finally loses his money, while his daughters and wife wait for Juan Julian arrival to read aloud to the employees. He chooses Anna Karenina, Tolstoys novel as his first choice for the workers. The women seem to be interested with the novel but Cheche and Santiagos stepbrother seem less enthused. As the lector reads the novel deeper, those who are listening to the story too remain attentive (Cruz 2010, p.10). However, Cheche is non at all concentrating with the lectors story, and strives to transform the finished factory. During the new cigar brand inauguration, all workers throw a party to celebrate the implementation of the new cigar that will improve their success although Cheche is highly frustrated (Cruz 2010, p.12). reference work Santiago- Santiago is the cigar factory owner. Being overwhelmed with gambling troubles, he struggles a lot to ensure that his wife and two daughters receive maximum protection and provision. He also defends the nature of Cuban workers tradition in his cigar factory. His character trait depicts that one should be active enough to ensure good business organisation of his family and defend his or her idea (Bryer & Hartig 2010, p.32). Annas husband- Annas husband, Karenin is a man of influence, riches, and has a good social character that at first seems to be straightforward about his wifes friendship with Vronsky. After realizing the affair between his wife and Vronsky, he finds ways on how to comport himself for he tries as much(prenominal) to avo id scandals at any cost. The character aspect with Karenin is that it is good to avoid scandals since they can be costly to ones life (Maufort 2010, P. 134). Cheche- Cheche is the Santiagos stepbrother who claims for partial ownership of the factory because of his wager winning. Ever since his wife left him for the lectors, he remains to be dangerous to the rest of workers collect to the bitterness. Cheche is highly interested in modernizing the factory operations and shows no interest with the new lectors stories (Maufort 2010, P. 134). Ideas (the major themes of the play) One of the main themes portrayed in the play is that of violence versus reason. The first scene of the play shows a contrast of two life approaches, one reasoned and the other hot (Maufort 2010, P. 133). The play portrays violent by the cockfighting savage game, which suggests that cunning, skill, and might, will constantly win. Although Cheche depicts to be a cautious person, when it is time for gambling, he i nsists the notion that physical control will triumph interest reasons failure to persuade (Maufort 2010, P. 133). For instance, Cheche takes Marela forcibly when she decides to pay no attention to his innuendo and lurid glances. On the other hand, Ofelia and Santiago do not support the idea of automating the factory because this will displace workers (Maufort 2010, P. 136). The two employ sounds reasons to support their decisions although they are

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