Friday, August 23, 2019

Project paper on interpersonal communication theories and chosen book Essay

Project paper on interpersonal communication theories and chosen book - Essay Example Yet these two English speaking Caucasians can barely last seven days without confrontation amongst themselves and amongst their loved ones. Such is the downfall of language. People can understand the words, but it takes much more time and effort to understand the context in which people speak. This film essentially portrays the lives of two individuals in their unique journey to Japan. While it seems as though Bob is going through a mid-life crisis in conjunction with family problems waiting in the States, Charlotte appears to be having a crisis of her own at twenty years of age. She looks for sympathy in Bob Harris and receives something that borders on romance and heart-break. Not only an intense drama, but the film also portrays the life-styles of two different generations of marriage. Intimate relationships, especially marriages, are considered one of closest forms of relationships. Both participants are supposedly devoted enough to disclose very personal information to one another. Conversely, can that form of intimacy last? What if the discloser is no longer appreciated in a marriage? Bob Harris appeared to be going through such a scenario with his wife overseas. In a specific scene, Bob is speaking with his wife about some of the extraordinary people he has been meeting in Japan. To this end, Mrs. Harris mundanely expresses how happy she is that Bob is having fun. Of course, her voice and tone reveal that she could care less about Bob’s experience—even though he claims that Japan not fun, just â€Å"different.† Mrs. Harris’s lack of enthusiasm illustrates a marriage without intimacy. It is a marriage only held together by the devotion to their children. This film portrays very convincingly of the loss of such intimacies. Relationships can blossom so hastily only to fall just as quickly. A once exciting intimacy can degrade into jealousy

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